From Mark R Clohesy, 3 Weeks ago, written in Plain Text.
This paste will shuffle off the mortal coil in 5 Days.
  1. As the hand's tick slowly past the midnight mark,
  2. I gaze softly, in to the screen before my eyes.
  3. My mind wanders, from the keys to the screen, Thinking of the angel on the other side.
  5. In the soft glow spreading across the room,
  6. I move my hands slowly from key to key.
  7. My heart skips a beat or two, for I
  8. Know that Angel is thinking of me.
  10. As I look up from the keys at hand,
  11. I close my weary eyes again,
  12. And an image comes to mind.
  13. I think of all the times ahead,
  14. And the things that I will find.
  16. To reach across this great exspanse,
  17. To hold you in my arms,against my chest.
  18. I slowly draw another breath,
  19. Wishing for you to be here,
  20. As I draw the rest.
  22. The time draws near.
  23. The sun is slowly pushing up,
  24. I know we must take our leave
  25. Maybe time will slow for us now,
  26. It will with any luck.
  28. My hands tremble with reluctance,
  29. I press ever so gently,hoping....a tear in my eye.
  30. Just hoping I wont say those last few words.
  31. And as I look up i know,
  32. I have typed goodbye....