From Mark R Clohesy, 3 Weeks ago, written in Plain Text.
This paste will self destruct in 5 Days.
  2. Slowly waking, the sun shines on the side of the blind,
  3. Somebody walks past me. I turn... Nothing. The breeze wafts,
  4. I stir. Smells awaken me to the world. What is it I can not recall.
  5. Loneliness creeps overme as I prepare for the day ahead.
  6. I long to work. Futility seeps in. I am tired yet only just rested.
  7. What was the task at hand? I cannot remember.
  8. Talking, conversation distant yet directed at me, I know
  9. the face, the name... I just do not know. They turn and
  10. leave, I dismiss it as another passing moment.
  11. A captured photo, a snapshot. What are the events before.
  12. How did it start?
  13. The bus pulls up at the cornor. It pulls up again, I go to
  14. get on. Is it there or is it not? I close my eyes, wait,
  15. then grasp reality once again. I reach for my wallet to
  16. pay. It is gone. I have forgotten it yet again. Laying
  17. lonesome on the counter.
  18. I go home and sleep, hoping that I can organise the fragments
  19. of the day just expired. Hoping, longing, praying.