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  1.     # Configuration for the storage back-end used for the cluster state and the
  2.     # audit log. Several back-end types are supported. See "High Availability"
  3.     # section of this Admin Manual below to learn how to configure DynamoDB,
  4.     # S3, etcd and other highly available back-ends.
  5.     storage:
  6.         # By default teleport uses the `data_dir` directory on a local filesystem
  7.         type: dir
  9.         # Array of locations where the audit log events will be stored. by
  10.         # default they are stored in `/var/lib/teleport/log`
  11.         audit_events_uri: ['file:///var/lib/teleport/log']
  13.         # Use this setting to configure teleport to store the recorded sessions in
  14.         # an AWS S3 bucket. see "Using Amazon S3" chapter for more information.
  15.         region: ap-southeast-2
  16.         audit_sessions_uri: 's3://asia-pacific-aus-sydney-gekkofyre-jump-server-data/gekkofyre/jump-server/teleport'